Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Addison Parks reacts to my new work on Artdeal

Happy to have a response to my new work on Artdeal vis a vis figuration at a moment when there has been an interest in work from the 90's on Twitter . Paul Pollaro saw some similarities:

"Strong painting. It's interesting to see the similarity to what you are doing now.You're new marks are objects and volumes like all the small things in the upper half of this one -and you honor the whole lateral surface. Fighting for elbow room. What's also interesting in this is the bottom which is pure AE as if you're building a whole new sensibility on top of it. Horrific painting in a lot of ways. It's hard not to see teeth, lipstick organs and mouth guards. Also something kitsch about it."

I am wondering if this was not a more primal moment of language which resembles what Richard Rorty said about the origins of language in grunts and howls. At the time I thought of the influence of grafitti  but more notions of phusis and biological growth.

Footprints 1997
Sargasso 1996

#67 2016
2016  #73